Parents: Withdraw From Course

You are now able to easily withdraw and refund your student from a course. Changes in schedule come up, and we understand! In just a few simple clicks, the process will be complete!

A note to keep in mind: This can only be done prior to the enrollment end date. After enrollment ends, you will need to contact the vendor for the course. 

To complete these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Under your name in the upper right hand corner, click on settings 
  3. Click on billing, on the left hand tool bar
  4. From here you will see the course(s) your student is enrolled in.
    1. Click on the course you would like to withdraw and receive refund from
    2. As long as the class is still enrolling, a pop up will come up telling you the last day you are able to withdraw
    3. If a course is no longer enrolling, you will see this pop-up message
      1. Please note: This screenshot is for testing purposes only and not the email you should reach out to. Please find the correct email in your specific billing section. OR reach out to    
    4. If you see a greyed out cancel button, this means the course is over, cancelled, or refunds can no longer be processed by providers and organizers. 

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